Dating a hofner bass

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You see, Paul Mc Cartney didn’t want to play the bass guitar in the first place.In the early 1960s, The Beatles were playing in Hamburg, Germany, with bassist Stu Sutcliffe and drummer Pete Best.The guitar’s neck was initially made from solid maple and was quite hefty, but in later models the neck was slimmed down and truss rods were added for strength.The fret board was made from rosewood and had 20 frets. The 500/1 featured dual pickups, located near the neck and bridge in early models, and in late 1956 both were positioned close to the neck.Photos of Mc Cartney playing at The Cavern in Liverpool in the early 1960s show his pickups both positioned at the neck.After 1962, the pickups were again spread between the bridge and the neck to improve the guitar’s tone.Paul Mc Cartney played a Hofner 500/1 bass on the Ed Sullivan Show in front of 73 million people, and the Hofner violin bass became a rock-and-roll icon.Despite the fact that Hofner produced only 250 of the 500/1 bass guitars in the seven years prior to the Beatles’ Sullivan appearance, Hofner was soon forced to increase production of the violin-shaped guitar just to keep up with new orders. Jordan, current sales director for Hofner, says that the Hofner violin bass has “been manufactured in large quantities almost unchanged for more than 50 years and is always attracting new aficionados.” The journey of the Hofner violin bass, from relative obscurity to icon status, began at the intersection of bad luck and necessity.

It doesn’t seem to make any difference whether the endorsement is paid or unpaid.

Oprah endorsed the Clarisonic skincare device on her show, and sales rose from 1.7 million in 2005 to more than 40 million in 2008.

Mark Zuckerberg mentioned the i Grill on his Facebook page, and two hours later the i Grill website crashed due to an overwhelming number of visitors.

The new bass was light, playable and much more attractive than its primary American competitors, the Gibson Electric Bass and the Fender Precision Bass.

The original 500/1 had a 30-inch scale—the length of the strings from the nut to the bridge—with the back and sides made from laminated flamed maple and finished in nitrocellulose lacquer.

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